Long Island Stripper Strut

The Seinfeld Twirl

Does anyone remember the Stripper strut? It was quite popular in the early 90’s when ladies didn’t dance, they just sashayed across the floor.  It was not a dance or a routine, just a strut.  Sort of reminded me of the Jerry Seinfeld episode with the umbrella known as “The Twirl”, no specific talent required. Haven’t seen a Stripper Strut in many years now. Thank God.

Today we have the Bootie Dance and twerking. The Booty Dance and twerking started raging the later part of 2009. Another non-specific talent of sorts however one the public truly admires.  You absolutely need to be skilled to perform; muscles in your buttocks which a performer controls to sync to the musical beat is no small feat!

Today ladies are more skilled than ever. They work the pole with amazing strength, gymnast would be a better description of today’s stripping professionals. Reward yourself, stop in this week-end to see the best of Long Island’s College sweethearts dancing the night away.