Billy Deans Schoolgirls 2005
Billy Deans Schoolgirls 2005

Billy Deans Bellmore 23 years! I never believed I would speak these words. It seems like yesterday when Billy Dean and & I signed the lease. This commitment changed our lives.  We did all the work ourselves. Billy Dean & I enlisted friends to help us paint, clean up years of filth and dirt from countless prior owners. Because of the condition of the club we rented two dumpsters to remove all the garbage left behind. The location was rat infested. When removing a ceiling speaker I will never forget finding spent joints (pot). So one could assume guests or employees hid them. It is no wonder  prior to us occupying the location no one had success. The facility went through 4 owners. No one had staying power of more than 5 years, some tenants had as little as 2 years.

Billy Deans of Bellmore is a Long Island landmark. Hundreds perhaps thousands of ladies have passed through our doors. Most of our girls were either putting themselves through college or  single moms supporting their families. We had lots of fun girls, our share of crazy girls and of course many, many beautiful women. God only knows how many visitors walked through our facility over the years. Hundreds of thousands, if I had too imagine.

Never did we anticipate still operating this facility. In 2009 we bought the Wantagh location. Our plans were to operate a Cabaret Dinner Theater. We had a buyer for Billy Deans Showime Cafe in 2011.  Billy Dean and I were pursing an alternate type of facility showcasing up and coming talent akin to the TV show “Americas Got Talent”. We were pursuing a life long dream of presenting live entertainment in a Las Vegas style setting featuring variety performers. As most know that never happened for us and as of 09/21/2021 we are still fighting the Town of Hempstead for violating our civil rights

Has it been a crazy ride? You bet! Because we never know what new shining stripper star may walk through the door. We continuously strive to maintain the local Long Island vibe. We are now looking to enjoy our newly renovated facility with all our loyal fans.

Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evenings at 10PM. As always, we won’t close till the last lap dance is over.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Ms. Rori Gordon