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Rori Gordon Female Long Island New York Strip Club Operator

Let me introduce myself, Ms. Rori Gordon Female Gentleman’s Club Owner

I am a proud partner along with Billy Dean of Billy Deans Showtime Café. Belonging to one of the smallest clubs in the world; a Female Gentleman’s Club owner, of course was not an easy thing to accomplish. Because I never planned on owning a gentlemen’s club however now that I do, I find it challenging yet rewarding. So now that you are reading this, you too must have a fascination with my industry. As a result 21 years in Bellmore has really paid off.

Long ago I owned a night club “Anvines” located in Farmingdale, Long Island and hired Billy Dean and his Male Dance revue to perform for the ladies. When the show was over the gentlemen guests lined up to enter and a result I found it magical. One thing led to another and realized entertainment was the industry for me. I sold out my interest in the night club and went into business with Billy Dean.

Billy Dean and I traveled the world performing one of three shows we produced. Billy Deans Male Revue, Billy Deans Foxy Boxing and Billy Deans Hot Oil Wrestling. After years of touring we opened Billy Deans Showtime Cafe, Long Island, New York in 1998 and have loved being in the great community of North Bellmore. Proud members we are of the Bellmore Chamber of Commerce since the day we opened our doors.

We have produced all types of shows at this facility over the years and settled into a Gentleman’s Club in 2005. Besides the Bellmore operation we still have road shows and our entertainment company Billy Deans Entertainment which books variety entertainers, male and female strippers, impersonators and look-a-likes.

What has been happening as of recent

We are currently in litigation with the Town of Hempstead since 2011 because we had intended to open a small dinner theater in Wantagh. Throughout all the negative publicity we have persevered. At this time we are not sure what the venue in Wantagh will be featuring. All we will say is whatever we do with the new location it will be great.

I love my work operating a business like this as the result of its many challenges. I am very passionate about what I do. My greatest satisfaction is being able to give young people work, as most of the girls are putting themselves through college. Much of my responsibility is behind the scenes of the operation. Managing of all the advertising, marketing, the day to day operations; ordering, scheduling appointments, selling bachelor parties, answering the phones and hiring the girls. I monitor the camera system where ever I am to make sure the facility runs smoothly.

To find out more about my partner and I you can read about us here: https://www.billydeans.com/owners-rori-gordon-billly-dean/ or if you prefer to watch an interview with me click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aIo8wakw68   

God Bless America for Freedom of Speech and Expression. Dancing is truly a wonderful art form. Please visit us one evening, our local college girls’ dancers are beautiful, the lap dances are fabulous…and the drinks are superb. We are female friendly. Our facility is a great date night rendezvous, a little bit of naughty for any occasion 🙂

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