How to Start Stripping

How to Start Stripping

How to start stripping is a question searched on Google 100 million times every month. Because there is no expert opinions on how to start in the Gentleman’s Club industry, as a result it would be helpful to receive advice from a female Gentlemens Club owner. No reliable source exists to help young entertainers who seek information in this highly lucrative misunderstood industry. In this blog post I will review some basics.

Who should I take advice from?

For instance, seeking advice from dancers who are biased, tainted, uninformed and a slew of other adjectives can limit your potential when you are considering a career change. Ideally receiving advice from an experienced operator may be the best possible scenario for someone starting out. Unfortunately, few operators are involved in day-to -day operations.  I myself these days work more behind the scenes however have over 29 years of experience in the education of entertainers. I have learned a lot and have much knowledge to share. In my own facility I can closely watch my employees due to technological advances of today’s video surveillance.

Questions to ask if you seek employment in a Gentleman’s Club, Stripper Bar, Topless Club or Adult Entertainment Venue

The above names are just a few of hundreds of ways society has re-directed the description of what performers do. Therefore for search optimization I have included a few different variables for those looking to work in the industry. Depending on what part of the country you reside this is a beginning outline. The basic premise does not change much regarding general assumptions related to the stripping business. Management regulations vary from state to state so be mindful to learn proper procedures according to your state.

How does someone get started in the world of pole dancing?

Emails and calls weekly asking “How do I Start Dancing?”  “Is there a handbook, video tutorial or something along the lines of an informational class?” Unfortunately we are not aware of one therefore you must rely on what information you find online. Being hired as an entertainer at Billy Deans Showtime Café is an amazing start should you be fortunate enough to live or relocate to the Long Island area. We provide training in all aspects because management has determined the CORRECT WAY to handle this position. Therefore it is instilled in every new employee. Hence it leads us to the success of training entertainers for a combined total of 42 consecutive years.

Must I have the ability to do pole tricks to start working?

Absolutely NOT! It is necessary to have confidence to walk on a stage. Pole Dancing is something which comes naturally in time. The time you put in performing will be the art form from which you will evolve as you learn your craft. Over the years I explain it as such; it is similar to riding a bicycle, you fall down, pick yourself up till you get it right. In time you will learn small moves while earning money in between.  Some of our employees are great conversationalists; others seek an excellent workout and a way to earn extra cash. Girls who started with us with NO EXPERIENCE ended up competing in national POLE CHAMPIONSHIPS. Like most jobs , the more time you put in, the more you advance.  Practice makes perfect and each time you hit the stage you learn.

Guests who visit my club like different attributes in an individual. To give you an idea some like tall girls, others small girls. Blondes, brunettes, Hispanics or maybe tattoos. Each individual working at Billy Deans Showtime Café can find a happy medium if they are willing to work hard and put in the time; or as we say it in the industry “pay your dues”. When starting out do not anticipate making a lot of money. Like anything else it is learning process which here at Billy Deans Showtime Café we are willing to work with you the whole way. Like most jobs, the more time you put in, the more you advance.  Practice makes perfect and every time you hit the stage you learn. Be respectful to other employees because we thrive on teamwork.

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