Bachelor Party at Billy Deans

Group of Guys Celebrating the Grooms Last Night Out

Bachelor Party at Billy Deans

What attracted you to plan your Bachelor Party at Billy Deans?

When looking for ideas for a bachelor party and we decided to have my best friends bachelor party at Billy Deans Showtime Café. What sold us was after reading on the website the strippers were all American and spoke English. My buddy who is getting married had been to the club before and liked the friendly atmosphere and the “No High-Pressure Sales” for lap dances and the wonderful attitude of the ladies.

Besides the bachelor had anyone else in the party attended Billy Deans?

We chose Billy Deans Showtime Cafe primarily because we saw their website and liked what we saw.  A few of us had bachelor party planning experience and some other wild bachelor party ideas, but we knew Billy Deans had to offer the best bachelor party packages Long Island had to offer!

How many people attended your party?

There were 10 of us all and we were ready for Long Islands best experience! This is the only location that would accommodate a party of this size. Every other venue has a minimum of 15 people if you want a private area. The other bachelor party ideas we had were all right, but the party we finally organized after looking at a bunch of other bachelor party ideas from Long Island was the best!

Was the experience what you expected?

Oh My God, yes! Billy Deans Showtime Café is Long Islands best party destination! The unlimited dances during the 2.5 hours (Tipping is a necessity to make it a fun party) , the full liquor bar, friendly staff made it an awesome bachelor party. Check out recommended drinks at this link:

What advice would you give to other guys or gals who are looking to plan a bachelor party?

For any guys (or gals) looking for the best party destination in New York, they have to call Billy Deans Showtime Cafe and ask about their all inclusive bachelor party packages party packages or check them out here The club has great ideas for your Long Island bachelor party! The club is located at 1538 Newbridge Road, North Bellmore, New York in Salpinos Shopping Plaza. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays @ 10PM.

Bachelor party fan, Michael D’amato