Sexy Strippers Breasts

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Sexy Strippers Breasts, Why Are Gentlemen So Infatuated?

Sexy Strippers Breasts

Why are men infatuated with sexy Strippers breasts? I work in a business that mystifies the mind. Without thinking about a rational answer as I do not believe one exists, we could explore the different body parts a woman was born with. As a result, after all the years working in a club I still can’t put my finger on it  to give you the reason why breasts are so important.

Types of Breasts

It always made me wonder why two pieces of flesh could be so adoring to the opposite sex. There are so many types of sexy breast shapes it is hard to understand what makes one more appealing than the other. Is it the size or possibly the shape that men find so enduring? Because I have a difficult time understanding I did a survey to try to comprehend this fascination.

Survey of Breast Sizes

I found the taste men had were extremely diversified. For example, most men who liked girls with large breasts were not married to women with large breasts. One would believe it would be the ultimate pleasure, to be with a woman with a pair of double d’s. On the contrary most men I spoke with found grossly large breasts were not overly pleasing. On the other hand, many guests did volunteer attending shows of women with freak featured dancers mainly out of curiosity.

Several men I spoke with found that a full C size was very appealing and more than adequate as far as personal preference. Other guests admitted they were partial to woman with smaller breasts. Being a woman, I found it odd however over the course of two weeks many of the guys I spoke to seemed to have the same opinion.

Shape was very important to many guests I had spoken to. Some men liked firm breasts where others described tiny tittys or titties were extremely sexy. I found many whom expressed girls with small breasts and long legs were just as attractive.

Conclusion on Sexy Strippers Breasts

I did recognize all men love sexy strippers breasts breasts, regardless of the size. Whether obsessively large or cupcakes in shape, implants or all natural it appears to be one of the main reason’s gentlemen continue to frequent Billy Deans Showtime Café.  I did conclude as well there are many body parts our guests found just as appealing as sexy strippers breasts. Therefore, I will blog at a future date on bodacious buttocks, lovely legs, nails and feet!  We have all types of ladies tall, small, busty, large, tiny, white, Latina, blondes, brunettes and of course all different types of breasts for your bachelor party!  No Gentlemen clubs in Nassau County present topless entertainment therefore we can save you a Google search. It is against the town and county ordinances therefore our strippers wear pasties. In the interim please feel free to stop by our Bellmore, Long Island, New York Gentleman’s club any Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening 10pm till 4am and decide for yourself what type of sexy boobs tickle your fancy!