Types of Bachelor Parties

What is a Bachelor Party?

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Types of Bachelor Parties

Types of Bachelor Parties?  You’d think it would be a relatively easy question to answer however the answer lies in the eyes of whom asks the question. We have narrowed it down to different personalities of the bride-to-be to assist in explaining.

The Perfect Bride defines a Bachelor Party

The perfect bride is the bride who organizes the bachelor party for the groom to be. On many occasions over the years the best man is deployed overseas. Just recently our club hosted a bachelor party for a serviceman whose best man was in Afghanistan. The perfect bride made all the calls to the guests, collected all the cash, made the dinner reservations and picked Billy Deans Showtime Cafe https://www.billydeans.com/long-island-bachelor-party/for her future husbands best bachelor party. The party went off without a hitch!

The Understanding Bride defines a Bachelor Party

The understanding bride defines Bachelor Party The understanding bride is the bride every man wants and dreams of. She is the bride that trusts her man implicitly. Unfortunately, it only accounts for approximately 35% of today’s brides. This bride is the envy of all her fiance’s friends. She will send him off to an evening of strippers, alcohol, cigars and last fling of single life, knowing he will come home because he has and always will be there for her

The Insecure Brides define Bachelor Party

The insecure bride is a bride who texts or calls more than 40 times a day. An insecure bride would never trust her man to travel to the supermarket as he might glance at another woman while picking up groceries. She is obsessive compulsive needing to know the grooms where about, 24 hours a day. It is our conclusion the bachelor party idea most conducive to the insecure bride would be throwing a party at the local bowling alley. This way her man and his friends could spend the bachelor party throwing a few gutter balls. It is a safe guess she believes (and has even thought) the bachelor would run off with the waitress who serves cocktails to the guests.

The Overbearing Bride defines Bachelor Party

The overbearing bride is the bride who although secretly thinks a night of strippers, stogies, limos and alcohol…. is debauchery. Because she agrees to her future husbands bachelor party it does not omit her daily
rhetoric of the upcoming event. This bachelor listens to her wine for months on end what not to do on HIS special bachelor party. Therefore by the time the party arrives his overbearing bride has riddled him to death leaving it difficult for him to enjoy the festivities.

The insanely jealous bride defines Bachelor Party

The insanely jealous bride is the easiest one of all, that would be “NO” Bachelor Party. She is the bride that makes the demand after all the grooms’ friends have already planned the festivities. The overly jealous bride doesn’t stay married long. Here at Billy Deans Showtime Café we tend to accommodate the overly jealous bride’s bachelor by throwing him the best divorce party. Because it is a party he will never forget. And this unfortunate bachelor generally doesn’t try marriage again; unless he is a sadist!