Throwback Strippers

Throwback Strippers features some of our past notable entertainers. The year is 2007 the occasion is Halloween. On the left is Desire in her sexy Bumble Bee costume. On the right is Vanity in her scandalous Devils outfit .

Many girls have worked for Billy Deans Entertainment which was founded in 1979 so as a result Billy Deans Throwback Strippers column was born.

Desire and Vanity were dancers with Billy Deans Showtime Cafe for many years. Because the girls began their careers at Showtime Cafe they learned the art of stripping and wrestling at the early age of 18. Because of their positive attitudes they always were full of fun and life! The club lost track of Vanity however Desire has a beautiful daughter. She went on to a successful career in nursing.

As in all industries there will always be good and bad employees. One should not rush to judgement, dancing is not always what people perceive it to be. We ask if you doubt the stripping industry please visit our club to see what it is all about. Ladies do not be shy. Because if you are you will be missing out on some very fun times.

Make memories with us. Join us for a fun night out with your friends, “Guys Night Out” “Girls Night Out” Birthday and Bachelor Parties  are our specialties.

Billy Deans Showtime Cafe is located at 1538 Newbridge Road, North Bellmore, Long Island, New York