Stilettos vs Platforms


Stripper Shoes, Try These On For Size Fellas!

Fortunately, the world has evolved, and we gone from stilettos to platforms in the last 15 years. You might ask, why does it matter?

Any guy thats reading this will never understand unless they had to spend a night in stilettos. Stilettos are fun to go out for dinner, cocktails, theaters and any place you can sit down. They certainly were not invented for dancers to wear all night long however there were no choices prior to platform dancing shoes. Those fabulous platforms have made an enormous difference for our dancers.

God looked down on all the little stripper ladies and said, “I am going to save your soles” literally! God created the fancy platform heels; sexy and sweet which made dancing for the ladies so much more comfortable for girls for our girls working in the industry today than years ago. That is why our gals go to Church every single Sunday to Thank God for inventing such a wonderful pleasure.