Search Term Tuesdays Cabaret

Cabaret is a silly word!

Cabaret is the perfect word to describe the reason why we use search terms such as stripper, adult entertainment, topless club, titty bar, gentlemens club, nude dancing, strip club, boobie bar etc.

Cabaret is the term to describe all the photos on the left. The word is a misnomer at least in the code of the Town of Hempstead. What the ladies do at Billy Deans Showtime Café is perfectly legal. In the Town of Hempstead to perform in a band, dance the can-can, or what one would presume is a cabaret show a business must obtain a cabaret license for ANY type of live entertainment. That is the way the code reads. However if we advertised Billy Deans Showtime Café as a cabaret….we would have been out of business 20 years ago. Search terms are just words people use to find us.

You may consider this misleading however it is no different if you were to search for a purse and a pocketbook appears instead. The terms are not the same however similar. That is the way the internet is designed to work. The algorithms of a term may not be exactly what you seek. Cabaret is not the term the public would type into their cell phone or computer to locate us, however all the terms in the first paragraph would be the closest terms which par with someone searching for ladies dancing.

In the photo the upper left-hand corner is the objective of why people visit Billy Deans Showtime Cafe. The club wants the search engines landing guests to our website when they are searching for a place to watch dancers. Unfortunately the only way to distinguish us from the more traditional style shows is to use the terms in the first paragraph throughout our website and our blogs.

Ideally Billy Deans Showtime Café has always favored the term Gentleman’s club however we can’t change the way the general public thinks.

Sorry folks for anyone who was searching for a band, you won’t be finding one 😉