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Daily News - Boxing Babes


Uptown Ladies Fight Night is the Latest in ringside sports.

"Uh oh, it’s a cat fight" Billy Dean screamed when the two women in the ring pulled off their gloves and went after each other.  Legs flying through the air Sasha and Sheena (straight from the jungle) landed in a pile but never quite managed to pummel each other.

Later Sasha - based on cheers and hoots from the audience- was voted winner of the match.

Foxy fighting - boxing by scantily clad women - is not a sport calculated to bring out the finer instincts in a man,  A fad in California - of course- the event had its Manhattan premiere this week at the Great American Clubhouse on the upper east side.  The normally preppie club promises to offer "Ladies Fight Nite" on Tuesday evenings.  On long Island the women climb into the ring on Thursdays at Decisions in Mineola.

"The whole twist is seeing three gorgeous girls get into the ring and display actual boxing talent." says Dean the M C and originator. “It’s done in really good taste" Dean, who wears a silver sequined top coat while he MC's the show, should know from taste.  This is the man who brought women's oil wrestling and women’s chocolate pudding wrestling to the Gotham Arena.

"Billy Dean's Knockouts" provides a cast of 12 ladies; six "fighters" and an assortment of round girl’s referees and waitresses.  Before the fight begins, the cast languidly parades in front of the audience ("There’s a lot of choreography involved" insists Dean)

Weighed down with makeup and hairspray the women wear leotards that go up to hear and down to there.  Virtually every performer tugs at her outfit during some point.

The show consists of three bouts made up of three rounds each, three minutes long "Like the Olympics" says Stephen Mangione promoter for the Clubhouse.  It’s just a hunch, but our guess is not too many people are confusing Foxy with Olympic boxing.

"It’s acting. I have to smile for the audience, then get into the ring and look teed off.  Sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing at a joke my opponent told me a few moments before.  But there are times when I get hurt and I want to hurt her back" says Christie Lear, 21 of Roslyn L.I.  who works with mentally retarded children.

“I go into the fight seeing how they hit.  If they hit hard, I hit harder, I put my all into it adds 21 year old Linda (Sasha) Allen, a journalism student from Massapequa L.I.   Some of Sasha’s male friends trained her in wrestling techniques.  “I won - that’s where the training pays off" she says

Although the fighters wear the softest possible Everlast gloves, they do in fact get hurt.  And despite an agreement not to hit each other in the face, several women report bloody noses or lips.

Still some balked at the low reality level.

“I LOVE BOXING " said Manhattanite Julie Brumlik who expected to see a professional match.

"These women don’t have any muscles and their hair would get tangled in their gloves if they really fought.  I could deck any 'boxer' here - with a rubber band" she said just before leaving during the match.  But other members of the fairly subdued crowd weren't disappointed.

“I came because I needed some culture" said one” And I had nothing better to do"