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Need entertainment for your night club, office, holiday, home, bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party or any other occasion?
Our entertainers, male revues and hot oil wrestling show will travel to you.

Billy Deans Showtime Cafe

The North Bellmore, Long Island, New York location of Billy Deans Showtime Cafe has undergone a multitude of changes bringing to the public several types of entertainment over the years before finally settling in with a standard format of female strippers 7 nights a week.

Opening @ 8PM every evening and on Friday and Saturday besides our stage strippers we feature a special show at 11PM with our most popular concept; Hot Oil Wrestling, a one hour interactive audience participation show. The show consists of one match where each of our female strippers requires a manger, someone who “bids” to get on the stage to oil down his/her oil wrestler and give her advice on how to win the fight ultimately having the time of his or her life. Manager positions are not just limited to Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties, Guys or Girls Night Out functions; anyone in the audience can become a manager of the Hot Oil Wrestlers. Cat fighting is at its finest every Friday and Saturday night at Billy Deans Showtime Cafe. While all this excitement is going on in the wrestling ring our audience members are being entertained by the beautiful Round Card Girls. These sexy female strippers introduce the beginning of each round before the female hot oil wrestling starts. The gorgeous G-String clad round card girls circulate through the audience presenting sexy $1 Lap Dances during each and every round. When the Round Card Girls finish the "Cat Fighting" begins.



The Final Position available is our "Assistant Referee". If you ever saw the movie "Stripes" with John Candy, mud wrestling with the girls, that's the best way to describe this position. We send the referee to the dressing room where he changes into wrestling shorts and a boxing robe. He then makes his entrance to the wrestling ring with the music to "Rocky" playing in the background. Then it's in the hot oil wrestling ring to do battle with the Hot Oil Wrestlers. You can only imagine what happens next.


You can purchase a guaranteed  position in the Hot Oil Wrestling show as a manager by purchasing your tickets in advance. This  is only offered to pre-paid ticket buyers or VIP party package purchasers on a first come first serve basis. Please call our office to make arrangements @ 516-783-0003.

Before the start of the show we sell tickets to the famous “G-string” raffle where everyone has the opportunity of purchasing a raffle ticket with the lucky winner getting to take off the strippers g-string without using their hands!